Heavenly Hope 

Today is the day our first song gets digitally distributed worldwide. Experiencing our first song go from an idea to a download has been such an exciting journey. It has also required diligence, patience, and teamwork.

“He Is Coming” is a song about the hope of Heaven. In these days that we live in, there is so much fear, hate, and division. What is good is deemed evil, and what is evil is deemed good. It is easy to be draw into the troubled waters of our times. But we must keep the hope of Heaven before us. Millions of Christians all over the world believe in the imminent rapture of the Church. Like many, I have believed Jesus is coming for His bride most of my life, but now I am convinced more than ever that I need to set my mind on the things above. I hope this song encourages you to look up in eager expectation for that glorious day.